vans bomer



Just wanna try this again :) Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror making adjustments to your dress before you leave the house you turn around again checking your side when the door opens “babe were gon-” he stops abruptly making you frown and look at him “what ? …. You don’t like it? ” your voice softens as you see his reaction he makes a rotating motion with his finger asking you to turn around “wow”he says eyes still trained on you “so you like it ?” You ask him he nods slowly making you bite your lip “but I’m not sure I wanna share this with other men in the gala ” he saunters towards you “is there anything you can wear like pants ? ” making you frown in confusion “babe , I’m not sure jeans is considered formal attire” you tell him making him mutter something under his breath he scans you again then goes inside the closet “how about a jacket?” You bite back a laugh then tugs on his arm “honey , were late I’m sure it’ll be ok ” his lips thin unconvinced you smile at his petulant behavior then presses a kiss on his lips “it’ll be ok babe” you whisper against his lips he grunts in response “this is gonna be one interesting night ” he mutters as he escorts you outside of the apartment #whybomer #whitecollar #mattbomer #christiangrey

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